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Krystal O. , TX

“I love working at TCT because everyday is a opportunity to have a new level of understanding and appreciation for the business. Every client's needs are different and each project is so unique that it creates this never ending opportunity to elevate and learn."

Megan M. , TX

"What sets us apart from other companies is not how many projects we can complete, or how fast we can complete them, but rather our excitement and ambition we bring to each and every project. We strive to make the impossible possible, even under the most difficult circumstances. We are not another corporate company, we are a custom company. Each project we commit to, however large or small is as equally important to us as the next. Each project requires extensive planning, precision, and specialized execution in order to be completed safely and successfully and at TCT we dedicate ourselves to your success."

Pat H. , TX

“The owner’s commitment to safety and excellency in all aspects of the business is very gratifying and makes for a great place to work.  Exceeding customer expectations is always the goal.”

Michael T. , TX

"When I think about what I would consider my greatest achievement so far in my career, I think about the choices I made that have gotten me this far. I think every day is a new achievement because it is another day that we chose to overcome the fear of failure and instead chose to pursue our passion."

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