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Meet the Founder & CEO

Our Story

As told by Michael Tilghman, Founder & CEO

 "I was nineteen years old when I first got involved in the crane and transportation industry, and my first position was working as a roustabout on an offshore oil rig. I had no clue what the industry had to offer, and I certainly had no clue that 20 years later I would have my own business within the same industry. I was young, naïve, and full of ambition. I did anything and everything I could to further my knowledge about the industry and develop my skill set.


At the age of twenty-two I was given the opportunity to be a crane operator on the same rig I first started my career on. It was at that time I discovered my passion for the industry. I never knew how much I would enjoy a career where no one day is ever the same as the next. Constant change, demanding constant solutions. For the next fifteen years, I worked as many hours as I could, and I held as many positions as I could. I was never satisfied knowing there was still a part of the industry I had yet to learn and understand.


I continued to work and was mainly focusing on a career in a sales position because I loved the daily challenges it offered. I think most folks that know me would say I have always really enjoyed working hard and being very hands-on with everything I did, but most of all, I enjoyed being challenged to do something outside of my comfort zone.


In 2007 my daughter was born, and I was beyond proud to call myself her dad. I loved being a dad more than anything in the world, but boy did I learn a new meaning to the word challenging. During this time, I was focusing more on family and less on work, but I was certain I wanted to do something more with my career, something more with my knowledge and experience. I wanted to dedicate my life to building a legacy, not only for my own children but for their children. I wanted to provide solutions to problems that I had experienced first-hand within the industry. I wanted to build a company that focused more on attention to detail and quality of work rather than volume and metrics. I wanted to be as involved as possible in all daily operations and I wanted to maintain a positive rapport with my team and clients. I truly believe that nothing will ever trump hard work and knowledge, but I also believe that nothing will ever prepare you for the sacrifices that will be demanded of you to be successful. The time, sweat, blood, and tears that myself and my entire team have sown into this company is the sole reason we have come as far as we have. I think most people see the value of something from a monetary perspective, but I think that the value of our company should be seen as every team member that has dedicated themselves to the success of others day after day. To be the most fulfilled with all that you have achieved is to continuously sacrifice for something greater than oneself. I couldn’t be prouder to say that we truly embody that here at Tilghman Crane & Transport.


Our Mission

Tilghman Crane & Transport was founded on a vision full of passion and purpose. Our commitment is to offer our customers and their projects with a level of service and personalization that is not available in the current market. We can provide turn key crane rental and transportation solutions for our customers while also making the process of doing business easy and efficient. With decades of training and experience in the field, we are confident that our team will exceed all expectations by providing timely service, cost-effective solutions, and unprecedented results.

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101 20th Street South

Texas City , TX 77590

Office Phone: 281-744-1601



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